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Core Process Psychotherapy is a Mindfulness-based therapy that draws on and integrates Western Psychotherapeutic understanding and Buddhist Psychology and practice. This does not mean you need to be Buddhist to benefit from this work, you do not even need to be “Spiritual”.

At the heart of this work is the understanding that we are inherently whole and well regardless of what difficulties we are wrestling with in our lives.

I offer a compassionate space, where all of you is welcome, just as you are in the moment.


You are not

a troubled guest

on this earth, 

You are not an accident

amidst other accidents,

You were invited from another 

and greater night

than the one

from which you

have just emerged

-David Whyte


Therapy can help and support with many things. Anxiety and depression, loss and grief. Relationship issues, mid-life crisis or Spiritual emergence. Perhaps you are searching for more meaning in life or suffer from low self-esteem? Or maybe you would like to be more embodied and learn to self-regulate better? Whatever you are coming with, my intention is to attune to your individual needs.

I view the therapeutic relationship as an alliance, where we can work together to find what best supports you.

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